Not a turtle, not a ninja,
just an Art Director.

Well hello there, I’m Rafael.
A born and raised Art Director from Corrientes Argentina, although giving the entire credit to my hometown would be wrong, because after moving across Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay and the States, my art direction fluctuates with many cultures combined.
I’m a restless creative happy human,
because I can’t stop exploring new things. I know this sounds weird but if I have to describe all the stuff I did,
one about section won’t do.
I just go walking around this world and see what it has
to offer.
But here are three of the weirdest things I’ve done,
I played the role of Scar from The Lion King 3 times, I was an official Harlem Globetrotters translator and lived with hippies for 3 days in a beach at Uruguay.

Below you can find what others have said about me.

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This is what some people
said about me...

...the combination of his thinking and his skills as an Art Director/Designer affirmed my belief, that he is an extraordinary talent who holds the potential to become creative leader in the field of advertising someday… he came up with most unconventional thinking, which is considered of utmost value in the field of advertising… he was one of the best men-tees/student I have ever had.  

- Soham, Chatterjee, Senior Copywriter, Leo Burnet
  30 under 30 most creative people in advertising by Business Insider. could tell he was always thinking, always designing. It’s one thing to come up with good ideas, it’s quite another to make them look beautiful… he has what I refer to as the “artistic gene.” It’s the ability to look at the world differently, to think creatively, and to not settle for what’s already been done before.  

- Justin Lake, Creative Director, R/GA / YETI

...he’s originally from Argentina and has travel all across South America, which I believe gives him a super unique and cool eye...Rafa brings a kind and great sense of humor to every project he works on.  

- Jackie Robertson, Art Director, Havas / The Annex / Revive Events

...Rafael’s a terrific communicator who is comfortable working with a wide variety of people. It says a lot, especially since English is his second language. There was not a day throughout the past year that I did not see Rafael smiling, eager to get to work.  

- Francesca Piancone, Director of Student Services, Chicago Portfolio School.

...he especially has that can-do energy of "If I don't know how to do something, I'm going to learn how to right now”.  

- Megan Rejman, Senior Copywriter, Leo Burnet / Havas / Saatchi & Saatchi