There’s always something beyond Art Direction

When I’m not creating great advertising...

I also create random poster designs, cartoons named: ragatoons, street art, take dope pictures, write cyberpunk stories, play the guitar and fight Nordic Krakens.

Have a glimpse of almost all this stuff. There’s no evidence on the Kraken tho.

                                                                                                              Poster design®

My passion for posters design started some years ago, I find the art of creating posters a very relaxing one because it allows me to create freely under the concepts I want to deliver, sometimes with a clear message and sometimes with totally abstract concepts. Enjoy.


I used to be that kid in class that always got grounded for not paying attention, and although I wasn’t paying attention to maths, I was paying attention to my own world: The Ragatoons, my own universe of my four eyed aliens.
Here you can see more of this: Click here

Cool Pics

I’ve got something with cameras, a personal crush with them, since a very young age I started capturing the world around me, and please don’t get me started of the day I discover analog photography, I could talk for hours.

Enjoy a small selection of my latest shots.